Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Occasion For Ombre

It's almost summer, which means I finally get to break out my super comfy and colorful ombre dresses and skirts!  In fact, I got a jump start last weekend and pulled them all out of my closet in gleeful anticipation of the next heat wave here in Santa Monica.

I've always loved the way the colors blend together in ombre pieces so I got to thinking...  wouldn't it be fun to apply the same look and feel to flowers?  Hence, I present my attempt at creating an ombre floral arrangement:

If you're curious about the kind of flowers I used, I stuck with a single species - carnations.  I'm not a huge fan of carnations, but they are cheap and come in all sorts of pretty pastels this time of year, making them perfect for color blocking.  Plus, they make a great filler so it's hard not to end up with a plentiful arrangement. 

  • Pull together as many small pots as you'd like.  I purchased these red pots at JoAnn Fabric for a total of $8.00, but you can use anything really.  I recommend keeping the base the same color.
  • Cut 2-3 floral foam blocks (the kind you soak in water) to fit the vases.  The top of the block should be just below the rim of the vase after it's laid inside of it. 
  • Soak the blocks until they float, then place inside the vases. 
  • Cut your flowers so the stems are 2 to 4 inches in length 
  • Poke into the floral foam block, creating a nice, round shape as you go. 
  • Arrange the vases in an ombre color scheme (they should gradually blend together)
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  1. What a pretty arrangement! I love that you used low cost carnations and made them look so amazing! Great work!