Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let It Snow

A CNN reporter recently shared these beautiful photos of snowflakes captured on her family's camera. 

It's funny, but as a kid, I primarily loved snow because it lead to getting a day or two off from school.  No books, no lessons, no teachers -- every grade school student's dream come true!  But as I've grown over the years, snow has come to mean something entirely different to me.

Some people will look at these images and remove the sense of wonder they inspire.  They'll say there is a simple mathematical, nay scientific explanation for the intricate structure of a snowflake,  that it's not something miraculous. I smile when I hear this, as I can picture these same people participating in snowball fights and sledding down hills, both as young children and now as aging adults.

Snow has a way of bringing out the bewildered, innocent side in all of us, the side of us that wants to believe in and live in the moment, void of any mathematical or scientific influence.  Perhaps this is why we refer to snow-covered scenery not as a winter land, but as a winter wonderland.  To me, it's the wonder that makes all the difference.

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