Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What A Boy Wants

I saw this floating around on the interwebs a few months ago and now it looks like one of my favorite United Kingdom-based rags has also picked it up.

Dyson is your typical five-year old -- he loves playing games, climbing trees and spending time with his older brother.  What makes him unique is his passion for wearing princess dresses.  While other children his age like to dress up in superhero costumes, Dyson much prefers to wear party dresses in vibrant, girly colors. 

Obviously this has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, not only in Dyson's hometown of Seattle, but also across the nation.  I've included this in today's post not to make a stand on the subject, but to express how deeply moved I am by the things Dyson's mother has been willing to do for her son.  It's all been in an effort to teach him and others about the importance of unconditional love and friendship, and in the process, she's even had to question her own dedication to those things.  

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