Monday, April 18, 2011

Flowers For Friends

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping one of my girlfriends put together flowers for her wedding, which is this summer in a Japanese garden here in Los Angeles.  Of course this meant we got to visit the Los Angeles Flower Market, which is one of my favorite weekend haunts.  There are literally hundreds of vendors there, with shops specializing in everything from rare and exotic flowers to basic floral supplies.  A little slice of floral heaven!

Here's a taste of what I experimented with...

Pink cymbidium orchids with a handful of river rocks
and a few floating candles to top it off.

Three vases of varying size with tea lights
to add a touch of romance!

Mini calla lilies in multiple shades of purple create
an elegant, dramatic look.

Basic white calla boutonniere sans any accoutrements.

P.S. Stay tuned for an additional post this week highlighting A Desire To Inspire's first do-it-yourself  floral project.  It's quick and easy to create and serves as an adorable centerpiece for a summer barbecue!


  1. the calla lilies are a beautiful arrangement

  2. Hi Shelby,

    how did you put this together? how much do they cost?

    Mini calla lilies in multiple shades of purple create
    an elegant, dramatic look

    I would love these for my wedding

    Best wishes


  3. Hi Erin,

    I went to a local flower market and used by business license to buy the callas wholesale (so I got a pretty good deal). I'm glad you like this arrangement. The bride was pretty happy with it too. I agree - callas can be elegant and dramatic. Great for weddings! The bouquet you see pictured was $30 with my business license. If you were to buy them at a market without a license, I'm not sure what the cost would be. Maybe $20/dozen? Other than that, you just need really good floral tape and some ribbon of your choosing. Good luck!