Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Correcting Political Correctness

I don't like getting too political here on the blog, as I find it often leads to debates.  Not that there's anything wrong with debating, but I've found it can quickly turn into a battle of convincing versus actual debating and that's not why I created this space.

That being said, I felt I had to share this little tidbit of news from my hometown, Seattle.  Apparently, Easter eggs can no longer be called such in public schools or in parks, as the word Easter implies a religious affiliation and I guess that's a big fat "no no" these days.  Thus, Easter eggs are now being referred to as "spring spheres," which in my opinion, sounds utterly ridiculous.  To me, that phrase implies a pagan affiliation, which is no more politically correct than a religious affiliation.

If you have a chance to read the article, I highly recommend it.  The saving grace (pun intended?) comes toward the end, when political correctness is put aside and children call out these little spheres of spring for what they really are - the answer just may surprise you.


  1. Go kids! Sad thing is I bet the teacher spent the next weekend trying to think of ways to control the minds of these poor children until they were true believers... or non-believers... or whatever.

  2. Wow, I didn't think political correctness could get more out of hand. "Spring Spheres"??? Ummm, they aren't even spheres. We wouldn't even have the holiday or EASTER egg hunts if it weren't for EASTER. At least the kids knew what they really were. hahaha

  3. Spot on, you guys. I love that all this time was spent trying to be politically correct for the kids and in the end, they called them Easter eggs anyway!