Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun With Flowers & Fruits

This Saturday I'll be embarking on a flower adventure with my friend April.  She's getting married this summer and has asked for my input with her floral arrangements.  So far it seems we'll be sticking to an Asian garden theme and I couldn't be more excited!  (Think: orchids, river rocks and plenty of candles to set the mood.)

So I've been online this week looking at vases for her event and I've noticed a growing trend with using fruits as filler for centerpieces versus using leaves (or omitting filler all together).  I love the idea of mixing colorful floral palettes with complimentary edible pieces like lemons, limes, oranges or apples. If time permits this weekend, I may give one of these a try.

Cute idea for a baby shower or any other
girly type of event. 
This small arrangement is reminiscent of sunny, summer picnics.
Hydrangeas and limes - simple, elegant. 
A small arrangement like this doesn't cost much
to  make and it sure looks cute!
Apples, feathers, roses and daisies - a very dramatic

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