Friday, November 4, 2011

Designer Pies

I'll admit it - I've already started thinking about Thanksgiving and all the baked goods I get to indulge in. I'm a foodie at heart! Since I love baking so much, making some kind of yummy pie goes without saying.

This year, I think I'd like to try my hand at making some kind of extraordinary pie crust. What do I mean?
Take a look at these inspirational beauties. I've never done anything like this with pie crust before, but if I can work a cookie cutter and I'm willing to use a little elbow grease, I'm confident I can make one of these "designer" pies. They look so good!

This pattern scares me. It's so perfect! Too perfect?
Peanuts with your pecans?
Love the thatched pattern on pies. Very traditional.
What a great way to use leaf-shaped cookie cutters.
Apple crumble pie with jelly-filled heart cookies.
This one is my favorite!
This would go over well in my family!

Are you hungry yet?!

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