Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Wreath for 2014

It's no secret that the best time to do holiday shopping is the day after Christmas. Call me crazy, but I just can't pass up a good sale and our local Michael's craft store had some excellent deals this year. Sadly, many of their sale items were heavily picked over by the time my mom and I arrived at the store, but we still found some things that made it worth the trip.

Somehow I got it into my mind that I would create a silver and purple holiday wreath for our church for use next year and lo and behold, a few bags of floral goodies and several glue sticks later, my dream came to life. Here's how it progressed:

After I'd picked out the wreath fillers at Michaels, I came home and arranged them sans glue to see how they would look.

I couldn't find silver pointsettias so I used white ones instead and added silver glitter
around the center. 
Then I used silver spray paint on the filler items I found so that they'd go with the color palette.
The finished product!

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