Monday, March 19, 2012

Mixology Monday: Unicorn Tears

I hope everyone had a great weekend and for those who celebrated, a happy St. Patrick's Day.

Mike and I worked on some preparations for our move into the new house and spent some time with our friends, Brian and Wendy.  They took us to a fun little Greek restaurant (the Irish joints were all too crowded) and we sat for hours and talked and laughed.

Since we were in a Greek restaurant during an Irish holiday, business was pretty slow. Also,  I couldn't get any Irish beers or cocktails so I decided to have some fun with the bartender. After a few failed attempts at mixing various liquors and juices together (think vomit flavors with black licorice undertones), we created a magical elixir that I ended up calling "Unicorn Tears."

Why Unicorn Tears?  St. Patrick's Day is a zany holiday. Zany holidays call for zany drink names!

So what's in a Unicorn Tears cocktail? It's a mix of Absolut Berri Acai, ginger ale soda, and two squeezed lime wedges.  Easy enough, right?  If you're counting calories, you could make this with Diet ginger ale and the result would probably still be the same.

Ta-da! Unicorn Tears. Looks just like a vodka soda, doesn't it?

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