Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jumping on the Neon Bandwagon

Afraid you can't pull off the neon color trend that's popping up everywhere this spring? Me either.  BUT, I think I could easily add it to something small, like a scarf or a piece of jewelry and not feel weird about it. That's why I like this DIY neon necklace project from My Two Butterflies.

If you have a chunky, fake gold or silver chain necklace sitting around, simply weave some neon thread or yarn through it and viola! If you don't have an old necklace available, I'm pretty sure these things go for $5.00 at a Claire's or Target store and the thread is available for $1-$2.00 at any craft store. It's cheaper than buying something pre-made from a high-end retailer AND you can customize it to your liking.