Monday, April 30, 2012

A Very Domestic Weekend

In lieu of visiting a bar, trying a new drink and then posting about it, I decided to be more domesticated this weekend. Sadly, that means no Mixology Monday features today, but I'll bring it back next week. ;)

So, domestication update: I spent Saturday out in the yard, planting geraniums, marigolds, candytuft, lavender, pansies, dusty miller and hydrangeas. For all the green thumbs out there, kudos to you. Gardening is hard work and I have the bruises and dirty fingernails to prove it.

 On Sunday, we ran the Top Pot Donuts 5k around Green Lake and followed that up with a 4-hour cooking class from our favorite instructors, Hipcooks. We actually learned how to make our own cheese from scratch! We made mozzarella, goat cheese, ricotta and mascarpone. Then we took Trader Joe's pre-made pizza crust and topped it with sauteed garlic and rosemary sprigs and all of the fresh cheeses we prepared. It was wonderful!

Post-race. Top Pot gave everyone a free old-fashioned glazed donut.
Stretching cheese to form mozzarella balls.
Rosemary and garlic-brushed pizzettas. We added the mozzarella to these. 

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