Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Practice of Kindness

Have you heard this story yet?  Karen Klein is a 68-year-old middle school bus monitor in New York who was verbally assaulted and brutally threatened by a group of young bus riders. The incident was caught on video and is making it's way around the web. It sounds horrifying, doesn't it?

But that's not why I'm sharing the story.

Since the video footage leaked, the school has launched an investigation and the kids responsible are under fire from the school district. (Rightfully so).  What's more, an anonymous fund was set-up online on Karen's behalf and so far, kind strangers have donated over $150,000! The initial hope was to raise enough money to send Karen on a nice, long vacation, but it appears those expectations have been exceeded by a landslide.

It just goes to show that for all the evil, terrible things out there in the world, kindness still exists. Thank God!

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