Thursday, December 6, 2012

Apple Crisp - The Shocking Results

So it turns out that I can cook a pretty delicious apple crisp! As promised, here are the pictures from my little baking adventure yesterday. The apple coring and slicing takes a long time, but it's so worth it. I cranked up the Christmas music, put on an apron and got to work and an hour or so later, I had a warm, gooey dessert that practically changed my life it was so good. Highly recommend this recipe!

It took everything I had not to eat the apples raw like this. Don't they look good?
This is what the crisp looked like just before going into the oven. A whole lotta brown sugar and oats.
The result, fresh out of the oven.  The scoop of vanilla ice cream took me over the edge. Heavenly!

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