Monday, January 30, 2012

Mixology Monday: Atholl Brose

Let's face it: any way you slice it, Monday is the roughest, longest day of the week.  To help pass the time, I've decided to implement a new weekly blog post. I'm calling it Mixology Monday. My goal is simple: to share one drink a week with you lovely readers, as well as bar reviews as necessary.  Up this week?  The Atholl Brose cocktail at MacLeoad's Scottish Pub in the Ballard district of Seattle, Washington.

Since I'm Irish, I naturally assumed that there was no such thing as a Scottish pub or if there was, it had to be the lamest kind of pub in the world.  After all, it's the Irish, not the Scottish, who have their own drinking-themed holiday. Erin go bragh!

Long story short, it turns out Scottish pubs DO exist and this one is amazing!  If you like Scotch-based drinks, you'll love this place.  Even if you don't like Scotch, there's still something for everyone.

The lovely menu. So many Scotch drinks to choose from!

The most amazing Scotch drink I've ever had: the Atholl Brose.
The unassuming exterior on Ballard Avenue NW.

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