Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What To Do With Leftover Christmas Cards?

Happy New Year, readers! We spent the weekend celebrating with our out of town guests, Carrie & Eric. We had a great time touring our own city with them. We tried new restaurants, went for long walks, took a ferry ride, played games and cooked together. It was a fantastic couple of days, but sadly, it's back to reality now!

We spent yesterday cleaning up all the Christmas decorations, but when it came time to take down our Christmas cards from the refrigerator, I just couldn't do it. I thought, "Isn't there anything else I can do with these beautiful cards besides toss them into the recycling bin?" 

After scouring the Internet, I came up with a couple of suggestions for taking all those cards and repurposing them:

1. Turn them into confetti - with so many colorful cards and a hole punch handy, this would be easy to do. It's also not holiday-limited if you punch the holes small enough. It can be used for any occasion!

2. Create gift tags - if you select images from your Christmas cards that aren't necessarily tied to the holiday itself, (e.g. snowflakes, snowmen, wintery landscapes, etc.) you can make a gift tag that can be used well past the holiday season. Personally, I know many people with birthdays in January and February so this is a very viable solution.

3. Make a cat toy - with a pair of scissors, some paper clips and a large Christmas card, you can create a paper sphere that will keep your cat busy for hours. 

4. Keep them on-hand for kids craft projects - if the paper quality for your Christmas cards is decent, your cards will make for great construction paper.

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