Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Designs & Flowers By Birth Month

Our dining room table has felt a bit sparse after removing our holiday decorations so I went searching online for some centerpiece inspiration.

This one is simple, but so colorful - gerber daisies, hypericum berries and a little bit of freesia.

But this one feels more like winter to me - white roses wrapped in twigs. It feels a bit more dramatic, but elegant at the same time.

Of course, this one would be best suited for this month since carnations are the birth flower for January:

I'll have to dig around my vase collection and see what I have. Maybe that will help determine which one of these gets arranged...

Also, in case anyone is curious, here's a complete list of birth months and the flowers associated with them. Hopefully it inspires you to add a little floral beauty to your dining tables too!

January - Carnation
February - Iris
March - Daffodil
April - Daisy
May - Lily of the Valley
June - Rose
July - Larkspur
August - Gladiolus
September - Aster
October - Marigold
November - Chrysanthemum
December - Narcissus

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