Monday, February 20, 2012

Mixology Monday: Sparkling Pear Martini

Mike and I had ourselves a little date night on Friday and went to the Dilettante Chocolate Cafe for a few drinks and some dessert.  Dilettante Chocolates are the best! They're well known here in Seattle, with  several stand-alone shops downtown. The cafe, however, not only serves a rich array of small plates and side dishes, it also specializes in sweet martinis. After a long week at work, a martini was just what the doctor ordered (me being the doctor, of course.)

I ended up getting one of the simpler drinks on the menu - the Sparkling Pear Martini. It was a mix of equal parts Absolute Pear Vodka and champagne, garnished with a lemon twist. It was so crisp it was like biting right into the side of a pear!

If I made this at home, I'd probably add a shot of amaretto for a touch of sweetness, but it's absolutely fine without it. Very refreshing.

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