Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rainbow JELL-O Orange Slices

A friend shared this idea with me earlier this week and it makes me so happy.  It's a rainbow array of JELL-O frozen inside of orange slices! Doesn't it look like fun? Maybe it's just me, but I go crazy for all things JELL-O.  It brings back wonderful memories from my childhood, and some from my college days... hello, JELL-O shots!) 

Make these little slices of heaven yourself - it's easy:
  • Cut oranges in half and hollow out, removing all signs of pulp on the inside
  • Set hollowed out oranges inside of a muffin pan so they won't move when filled with JELL-O
  • Make several flavors of JELL-O in separate bowls, using 1/3 less water than required
  • Fill orange halves with JELL-O mix and chill in refrigerator as directed
  • When ready to serve, remove orange halves and slice into quarters

1 comment:

  1. Okay, so you have to make these next time we get together. I vote for the "shots" version.