Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patrick Stewart Would Be Proud

This couple's fondness for Star Trek: The Next Generation is truly inspiring.  They worship the show so much, they found a brilliant way to incorporate it into their wedding day!  Behold, their Captain Jean-Luc Picard love cake!

The man, the legend. 


I know shoes like these are more of a piece of artwork than anything else (it's not exactly practical to be strolling urban streets in towering heels with tiny bits of plastic glued to them), but if designers started making something like this and selling it in stores, I'd be one of the first to jump on them.  Until then, I guess I'll have to wait and see if the trend develops... where is a style icon like Lady Gaga when you need her?  She seems like somebody who would definitely wear LEGO heels.

As a side note - I've always had a soft spot for these tiny toy bricks.  Come to think of it, my whole family has always had a thing for them.  They're the go-to, time-killer for my five year-old nephew, Jack, and when my sister Michele got married over the summer, they doubled as a unique wedding cake topper (bride and groom LEGOs pictured below).   They're just so much fun!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pom Pom Perfection

Here's another great craft idea - a pom pom necklace!  I'm not sure if I have the guts to wear something as bold as this, but I've seen it in stores lately so it must be a growing fashion trend?  Of course in stores this kind of thing goes for $20 to $40 depending on how ornate it gets.  It seems easy enough to make and I love the idea of cutting the cost by doing it yourself.

Keepin' it Thrifty has a link to the tutorial that can be found here.

A Pedestrian's Guide To Street Crossing

Laughing Squid has this hilarious guide to crossing the street in major cities all across the U.S.  I especially love the one about Los Angeles - sad, but so true!  (Click image for larger view)

Cutesy Coffee Cups

I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for silly coffee mugs.  Given that I was born and raised in the Seattle area, I think it would be blasphemy to not have a truck load of crazy mugs 'cause folks there tend to drink A LOT of coffee! In fact, I've just had my third cup today and holy sweet nectar of the gods, three cups sure gets you going!  Love it!

Anyway, if you're into coffee mugs like me or you know somebody who is, then you might enjoy this fun do-it-yourself project by Our Seven Dwarfs.  I'm thinking of making a similar set over the weekend -  they're so darn cute!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Duct Tape Fashion?

We all know duct tape can be used as a quick fix for just about everything, but did you know it's also being used for fashion accessories?

Nothing spells classy like a duct tape purse!

And a matching wallet?

Or how about a duct tape hat?

Free Stuff, Anyone?

I found the blog Swell Swag as I was doing some research for my next great arts and crafts adventure and it's AMAZING.  How did I live without this?  It's an aggregator site full of fabulous giveaways and discounts!  The latest offer is for 40% off Honey Bunny vintage prints, like this one:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Fun

Chelle over at Coffee & Zombie Movies has another great tale to share.  This one involves weirdos and airplane rides.  If you fly a lot for work or pleasure and you can relate to attracting oddballs who engage all kinds of inappropriate conversations, you must read her post.

Personally, I can relate.  The last time I flew, I was in St. Louis.  You'd think being in middle America would keep you safe from the crazies.  Nope.  A man who spoke no English shook his cane incessantly at us while we waited in line for the flight.  I guess we must have that menacing look about us that can only be chased away by incessant cane-shaking?  Then a man wearing a Rolex watch and a John Deer hat tried to get us to watch his duct-taped cooler while he stepped out of line and went outside to "pay the taxi cab driver." Who the heck travels with a duct-taped cooler?  More importantly, if you can afford a Rolex watch, why would you wear a stained $2.00 hat with it?

Anyhoo.... here's a visual taste of what you'll get if you pop on over to Chelle's blog.  Enjoy!

Paper Wreath Completed!

Last week I referred to Ruffles & Ric Rac and Aly's amazing paper wreath project.  I loved her post so much that I promised myself I'd get around to making a similar paper wreath for our house.

I'm seriously a nut job when it comes to decorating for the holidays, but for whatever reason, I don't have many spring or Easter decorations.  So I took a trip down to the craft store, picked up a few sheets of pastel paper, a bottle of glue and some white ribbon and a few hours later... ta da!  The finished product:

A peek into the "careful organization" that accompanies many of my art projects.

Paper rosettes are harder to make than I thought.
I have much more respect for the art of origami now.

Final touch: white ribbon.  It does seem to give it a little extra "oomph."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cupcake Shapes That Break The Mold

I spent some time this weekend browsing the internet in search of something fun to bake.  The weather here in Los Angeles has been crappy at best so Saturday called for indoor activities.  (By the way, crappy weather here means temperatures in the low to mid-50's with no chance of sunshine.  Doesn't sound half-bad compared to places with "real" weather, still it's enough to get you down in the dumps if you let it.)

So I thought I'd have some fun with baking, as I tend to do whenever boredom sets in.  I started searching for cupcake recipes and came across all of these interesting cupcake molds.  Of course I became so enthralled by all the neat things I was finding that I never actually got around to making anything.  Sigh.

Hello Kitty!  (Or Herro Kitty, if you watch the show Modern Family.)  
I wonder if this one comes in Minnie Mouse shapes too?
I scream, you scream.  We all scream for ice cream cupcakes!

*Granny's driving gloves not included.
For the party animal in all of us...

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Horse of a Different Color

Meet Einstein, the world's tiniest horse.  He's not technically a dwarf, as he exhibits all the normal aesthetics of a horse, but he measures only twenty inches in height!  Horses this size tend not to live long, however Einstein is about to celebrate his first birthday and his owners couldn't be happier.

I'm not a huge fan of horses, but what an adorable little guy!

Friday Funny

My Modern Met has this post up today:  Plastic Toys with Funny Captions.

The scenarios are simple, oh so silly, and perfect for a Friday morning.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

When Cupcakes & Science Meet

This makes me so very happy!  I haven't been creative in the kitchen in quite a while.... I think it may be time to dust off the ol' apron and get back to baking!

Customizing Clutches

Julia over at Room For Dessert has this brilliant idea for a gift.  I love the thought of taking something so ordinary and turning it into something deeply personal and meaningful.

This week you can take 30% off clutches (like the one pictured above) at Bagatelles & Co's Etsy store - check it out!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project "Remember Me"

Okay, time to get serious for a minute.

The United States Memorial Holocaust Museum has launched project "Remember Me" in an effort to help identify thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish children left uprooted and orphaned in the aftermath of World War II.  (see photos below)

The goal of project "Remember Me" is to learn who these children are, find any of their surviving relatives or friends, and let their stories be told so as to raise awareness about the atrocities of genocide. Of course there is a sense of urgency in getting to the bottom of these photos, as the number of living Holocaust survivors dwindles every year. 

You can learn more and assist in this inspiring project by visiting .

Paper Rosette Wreath - Just In Time For Spring!

Ruffles & Ric Rac has a great do-it-yourself project that's perfect for spring.

It's all about making a miniature spring wreath using nothing more than a Ritz cracker box, scissors, ribbon, paper, and glue!  The artsy fartsy part of me is drooling over this - I can't wait to put one together this weekend!  *insert nerdy cackle*

For detailed steps, visit Ruffles & Ric Rac here.

The finished product!

Toupee Cop Takes Aim

I wonder what was involved in dreaming up this brilliant idea for a movie?  Something tells me some illegal substances may have inspired it's creation because the concept is so.... out there.  Given recent world events it would be offensive of me to poke fun of the Japanese, but I will say that their penchant for unusual forms of entertainment never ceases to amaze me.  (hat tip: Neatorama)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ann Arbor's Fairy Doors

My hat goes off to the artist responsible for these charming little beauties (below). They've been mysteriously popping up all over Ann Arbor, cleverly placed in shops, libraries, gardens...even the local theater!

There's chatter that this sort of thing has started appearing in San Francisco in recent weeks as well.  I love the creative spirit this project represents!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy "Very Hungry Caterpillar" Day!

Apparently today is a day of celebration over the existence of the popular children's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  The book has a special place in my heart so it's neat to see it loved so many years after it's original publication.  I can remember reading it as a little girl and loving the pop-ups and all the colorful images.  While it wasn't exactly Brown Bear, Brown Bear, it did the trick whenever I needed something to help me sleep.

I'm super excited to hear that the author, Eric Carle, is working on a new book entitled The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse.  Sounds intriguing!

Monday Morning Fun

Luke Shepard, a student at The American University of Paris, paid homage to The City of Light with this breathtaking time-lapse video.  The project took him over 100 hours to complete and he's working on a follow-up.

Le Flâneur (music by The XX) from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.

Science Fiction Nerds Rejoice!

Artist and historian Ward Shelley was actually brave enough to attempt this:  a complete history of science fiction etched out in a colorful flow chart.  It spans over 2,500 years and includes such monumental movements as The Enlightenment, the birth of the Gothic novel and the rise of the popular sci-fi cult film, Star Wars.   Kudos to him for the commitment to this thing.  It's a beautiful, little monster.

A Fun, Hilarious Time Suck

Last week I stumbled on a Canadian-based blog called Coffee & Zombie Movies and ever since then I've found myself visiting the site once or twice a day. This could be the start of a real problem, but I just can't help myself.  Where else can you go to find a video like the one below coupled with a hilarious take on why it's important to put away laundry (see The time Danny DeVito made me to go the Mall)?

If you love to laugh at the ridiculous as much as I do, Coffee & Zombie Movies is worth checking out.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time For A Post About Time!

Inspire Me Heather has a fantastic do-it-yourself post about making decorative clock pieces.  It looks like Heather did her research because she came up with a plethora of great resources for the projects she recommends.

It's all definitely worth checking out, as you'll discover how to craft a mock grandfather clock, what it takes to "bedazzle" an ordinary clock, and where to go to get everything you need for creating a vintage-themed clock from scratch. If you have any interest in making clocks an affordable part of your decor, this is the post for you!

I especially love Heather's reference to the clock project inspired by Pottery Barn (hat tip: Alchemy Junk).  My husband and I tend to gravitate toward all things Pottery Barn, but we aren't a fan of the inflated prices so I love the outside-of-the-box thinking.

Looks like it's time to roll up the sleeves and get busy creating!

Speed Saves The Day

With so many terrible stories to come from the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I thought I'd stay positive and share something inspiring.  This elderly Japanese woman, who says recent events remind her of life after Hiroshima, survived being swept away in a strong current of debris by escaping on her bicycle!  She shares her story below.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Slugs and Snails and Dinosaur Tails!

Tater Tots & Jello Shots posted one of the cutest arts and crafts projects for kids that I've seen in a while.  It's a do-it-yourself attachable dinosaur tail and it's adorable!  Now if only I knew how to sew...

It Started With Finger Painting...

Artist Todd McLellan disassembles large, ordinary objects and turns them into spectacular, multi-faceted arrays of mini objects.  He also specializes in making the objects come together in such a way that it looks as though an explosion has occurred.  All of his pieces have such great texture movement throughout them.

He says he was initially inspired by finger painting in kindergarten, but whatever the motivation, he's certainly found his niche.  I love what he did with the clock!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puppy Vs. Evil Ice Cube

**Warning: Cuteness Overload**

This ferocious, little puppy has some hops! Watch as it battles an ice cube... and wins?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Now THAT'S A Bedroom!

Steve Kuhl is hands down in the running for the title of "World's Greatest Dad" this year.  In what was surely a project of passion, he found a way to turn his son's ordinary bedroom into something magical.

Some of the room's finer points include a floating pirate ship (pictured below), a jail cell, a rope bridge and a spiral slide leading down to another floor of the house.  How creative!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dreamy Artwork

Check out this amazing artwork by John Greenland Studios. They have such a Picasso-esque, dreamlike quality to them and they're so vibrant.  I love it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

An Up House! (Or why National Geographic reminds me of my dentist)

National Geographic, how I love thee!  You have a way of creating the most amazingly vivid and memorable imagery.  Like this!

Speaking of memorable imagery... National Geographic conjures up old memories of the waiting room at my dentist's office when I was a kid.  The memories are not so much of the waiting room itself, but of the magazine selection there.  National Geographic was always available and it served as a decent alternative to the much-preferred, age appropriate Highlights.  Of course if Highlights was already in use, I'd pick up National Geographic instead and anxiously skim through the pages looking for their signature images of bare-breasted women.  At eight or nine years old, I thought boobs were hilariously awkward.

In hindsight, the whole situation was ridiculous, but who hasn't done something like that in their younger years?  Maybe I was just some kind of giggly weirdo kid?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Holy Mother Of Heart Attacks!

It's offensive to all of my senses, but I couldn't let this one slide by without sharing.  It's a macaroni and cheese pie with a bacon crust!

Cute Cuts For Cats

In case you haven't heard of Maru the cat, he's an internet/YouTube celebrity. He even has his own Wikipedia page

Here he is modeling a few hairstyles for us. I think the afro is my favorite.

As an interesting side note - there's actually a website that caters to wig-wearing cats.  Truly bizarre.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The World's Most Typical Person?

National Geographic Magazine has a fabulous video up on YouTube that lends itself to the idea that perhaps multiculturalism isn't a failure afterall. Perhaps we're all a lot more similar than we'd like to think?

A Good Deed Goes Punished

I'm a few days late with this one since it's been floating around the web for a while, but I only came across it this morning.

The equivalent of the Supreme Court in the U.K. has ruled that "gay rights take precedence" over Christian beliefs.  The ruling stems from a case involving foster parents who were brought to the high courts over charges that their religious beliefs were interfering with their foster children's upbringing.  Namely, the couple believes that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, as many Christians tend to believe.  As such, the court wants to enforce a ban which prevents the couple from ever being able to take foster children into their home again.

I'm not posting this to make my views known on gay marriage, though I'm sure that post will come at some point.  I'm posting this because it is absolutely deplorable that a high court should have any control over how parents get to raise their children! When the government controls individual, domestic issues like parenting without consideration of the will of it's people, the idea of living in a free society quickly perishes.

I feel so blessed to be a citizen of a country where my freedom and individual rights are protected under the law, but the U.K. does not have a Constitution, so unfortunately, these foster parents have no recourse.  Even though they have successfully helped to raise 15 foster children over the course of their lives, their good deeds have been stripped away with the drop of an unrighteous gavel.  It's all so unfortunate...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Their Force Is Strong!

According to this article by the Yorkshire Evening Post, anyone who wants to claim their religion as "Jedi" will be able to do so in the 2011 U.K. Census.  During the last poll, about 400,000 people listed their religion as such. The dedication of Star Wars fans never ceases to amaze me!

Miracle Puppy

Wall-E looks like your average three-month old puppy, but there is something about this little guy's story that makes him very special.

Last Saturday, he was euthanized at an animal shelter in Oklahoma.  After a shelter worker confirmed the absence of vital signs, the dog was then placed in a trash bin per procedure.

The following day, an animal control worker happened to pass by the trash bin and found a happy, healthy and very excited Wall-E inside. Somehow, he'd survived being euthanized!

Since the story broke, hundreds of families have expressed interest in adopting him. What a lucky guy!