Thursday, March 17, 2011

Speed Saves The Day

With so many terrible stories to come from the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I thought I'd stay positive and share something inspiring.  This elderly Japanese woman, who says recent events remind her of life after Hiroshima, survived being swept away in a strong current of debris by escaping on her bicycle!  She shares her story below.


  1. Hey Shelbey. It is horrible all the tragedies that have happened, and are still happening, in Japan. But, as with this woman and so many other stories I've seen, times like these can be inspiring of what good in the world there still is.

  2. Hey Gloria. It is indeed horrible and sometimes in situations like these, I think it's all too easy to focus on the negative. Thought this story might offer a brief break from that.

  3. We get all the negative from the news, because it brings in attention. Not that there isn't a ton of negative stuff in this situation, just that we hear 99% of it.

    I know, I mean I really *know*, that there are thousands of great stories that will never be heard. Stories of great courage, selflessness, inspiration, and heroism. Because that is a much stronger base human instinct than any of the terrible things we see in people in the news.

    That bit aside, you know there's something hilarious about an old Japanese woman bicycling her way out of a tsunami, right? Are you seeing the same mental image I am?