Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday Brunch with Hipcooks

This weekend the hubby (Mike) and I tried a cooking class through Hipcooks.  If you live in the Seattle, Portland or Los Angeles areas, they have schools in all three locations.  Take a class, you won't regret it!

What was particularly great about the class we took is that we learned not only how to bake delicious, yummy breakfast foods, but we also learned basic kitchen techniques:  how to boil fruits to help ripen them (yes, I said boil!), how to properly cut various vegetables and meats and of course, how to incorporate wine as a base in cooking sauces.

I have the recipes handy for most of the things we made and can't wait to try preparing them again the next time we have company over.  Cooking can be so much fun!

Mandy (our lovely host) prepares our cooking stations.

The vegetables and herbs we chopped for our frittata.

Leek and goat cheese tarts.  Our new favorite!

Gluten-free orange almond cake with mascarpone frosting and orange slices.

The artsy light fixture they hung over the dining table. 

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