Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cupcake Shapes That Break The Mold

I spent some time this weekend browsing the internet in search of something fun to bake.  The weather here in Los Angeles has been crappy at best so Saturday called for indoor activities.  (By the way, crappy weather here means temperatures in the low to mid-50's with no chance of sunshine.  Doesn't sound half-bad compared to places with "real" weather, still it's enough to get you down in the dumps if you let it.)

So I thought I'd have some fun with baking, as I tend to do whenever boredom sets in.  I started searching for cupcake recipes and came across all of these interesting cupcake molds.  Of course I became so enthralled by all the neat things I was finding that I never actually got around to making anything.  Sigh.

Hello Kitty!  (Or Herro Kitty, if you watch the show Modern Family.)  
I wonder if this one comes in Minnie Mouse shapes too?
I scream, you scream.  We all scream for ice cream cupcakes!

*Granny's driving gloves not included.
For the party animal in all of us...

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