Monday, March 7, 2011

An Up House! (Or why National Geographic reminds me of my dentist)

National Geographic, how I love thee!  You have a way of creating the most amazingly vivid and memorable imagery.  Like this!

Speaking of memorable imagery... National Geographic conjures up old memories of the waiting room at my dentist's office when I was a kid.  The memories are not so much of the waiting room itself, but of the magazine selection there.  National Geographic was always available and it served as a decent alternative to the much-preferred, age appropriate Highlights.  Of course if Highlights was already in use, I'd pick up National Geographic instead and anxiously skim through the pages looking for their signature images of bare-breasted women.  At eight or nine years old, I thought boobs were hilariously awkward.

In hindsight, the whole situation was ridiculous, but who hasn't done something like that in their younger years?  Maybe I was just some kind of giggly weirdo kid?

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