Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Fun

Chelle over at Coffee & Zombie Movies has another great tale to share.  This one involves weirdos and airplane rides.  If you fly a lot for work or pleasure and you can relate to attracting oddballs who engage all kinds of inappropriate conversations, you must read her post.

Personally, I can relate.  The last time I flew, I was in St. Louis.  You'd think being in middle America would keep you safe from the crazies.  Nope.  A man who spoke no English shook his cane incessantly at us while we waited in line for the flight.  I guess we must have that menacing look about us that can only be chased away by incessant cane-shaking?  Then a man wearing a Rolex watch and a John Deer hat tried to get us to watch his duct-taped cooler while he stepped out of line and went outside to "pay the taxi cab driver." Who the heck travels with a duct-taped cooler?  More importantly, if you can afford a Rolex watch, why would you wear a stained $2.00 hat with it?

Anyhoo.... here's a visual taste of what you'll get if you pop on over to Chelle's blog.  Enjoy!

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